ongoing projects

-Phth, an exciting new 8 voice collective featuring Sarah Albu, Elizabeth Lima, Kathy Kennedy, Andrea Young, Gabriel Dharmoo, Vahram Sarkissian, David Cronkite and Florence Blain Mbaye. The collective is working in contemporary repertoire, co-composition, cover songs and "niaiseries" as well as improvisation.

-Rokkur/Noise Knitting, a modular and ever evolving exploration of the sonic properties of textile tools, especially those for knitting and spinning. This project developed in collaboration with Reuben Fenemore (Australia/Germany) and Heðin Ziska Davidsen (Faroe Islands) and is often performed with the participation of local knitters, storytellers and textile artists in different contexts.

-FUTUREMOVES, a participatory work combining futuristic aerobics, various forms of folk dance, electronic music, and vocal improvisation.

-Riot Pousse, an ongoing collaboration with Elizabeth Lima that is part riot grrrl band, part throwback tribute to 1970s feminist performance art and also explores object theatre, electronic noise, composition and vocal improvisation.

-Solo voice+electronics project, ongoing exploration, composition and performance of long-form semi improvised works for voice, pedals, walkie-talkies and electronic accompaniment.

-Aperghis +: flexible solo voice recital programs drawn from 20th century and contemporary repertoire, featuring Georges Aperghis' Récitations and new works by Canadian/Quebec and international composers. For sample concert programs, please contact me.

-Altra Voce, voice and flute duo with Jeffrey Stonehouse exploring theatricality and movement and specializing in 20th century and contemporary repertoire.

-Duo with Mári Mákó (electronics, sensors, voice, various instruments)

-Sarah & Matti adventurous duo with accordionist Matti Pulkki performing new and old music, exploring connections between folk, chamber, new//experimental music.