Sarah Albu

            vocalist // performer // interdisciplinary artist 

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"...the moment that sticks with me most vividly is a portion of the first piece played by a Montreal collective called No Hay Banda. Vocalist Sarah Albu does a long stretch of heavy, slow breathing into the microphone. Having been so aware of others' breath for the last couple of years, there is something astounding about it, full of menace, hope and ultimately a deep sense of humanity that really resonates." - Byron Coley, THE WIRE can’t help but notice the staggering range of vocal alchemy on display... Albu brings to the work dramatically varying layers that are daringly inventive... impressive vocal prowess.” — Adam Scime, Musicworks

"Sarah Albu uses the entire spectrum of sound a human can possibly produce with the voice... remarkably pure... this is virtuoso music, there is a mini-drama, a story, so the technical and sensitive aptitudes of the singer are fully employed.” -Normand Babin, Neomemoire